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3 Ways Financial Planning is Like Ballroom Dancing

Many people know of my love for Ballroom dancing (my wife Maria and I own and operate the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, in the same building as my offices), but many don't see the connection between Dance and Financial Planning. 

So, here are just a few of the commonalities I've noticed between ballroom dancing and financial advice:

1. Wealth management isn't one thing - it's everything - As an investment advisor and CPA who loves to dance, I exercise both my left and right sides of my brain. By combining methodical thinking with creative flexibility, I am better able to connect the big picture to the necessary details in all aspects of wealth management. 

2. Step-by-step planning - You can compare couples entering the studio to get ready for their wedding dance, to clients coming to their first planning meeting, we begin both with education. With step-by-step planning in the dance studio we are able to choregraph the perfect wedding dance! With step-by-step financial planning we are able to prepare an appropriate financial plan and recommend an appropriate portfolio. First you prepare: then you achieve. 

3. Advisor/client relationship - The partnership in ballroom dancing, between the gentleman and the lady, the leader and the follower, is the most important element in ballroom dancing. This partnership underscores the advisor/client relationship, in bringing harmony and balance. We decide together and we agree on how you should proceed.