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What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is someone who is on your side. The fiduciary standard we apply to our investing ensures that choices made are always in our client’s best interests and ahead of the firm’s interests. A fiduciary is legally and ethically bound to act in a client’s best interests at all times.

What does it mean to be fee-only?

As a fee-only firm, we only charge for financial planning and investment management - we do not make a commission based on products or investments that we include in our portfolios.

Additionally, we offer a flat fee for our financial planning services, which will be provided to you with no hidden charges later on.

What does it mean to be independent?

When we say we are independent, we mean that we aren’t affiliated with any particular organization, be it financial or otherwise. We have the creativity and insight to take what you have and create the best possible portfolio to secure your financial future.

How long does it take to complete a financial plan?

Once you provide us with your information, you can expect an initial draft of your financial plan within a few days. We’ll follow up with a one-hour Zoom or in-person meeting to discuss your draft. From there, we set up meetings with insurance professionals, estate planners, and others to finalize your planning. 

Why a financial advisor who is CPA?

Every part of the financial planning process has tax implications - with 35 years of experience in the accounting world, we have the knowledge to make sure you are tax efficient with your investing by looking at marginal tax rates, capital gains and losses of your investments, and your overall financial situation.

What is a PFS?

A Personal Financial Specialist is a designation that is only available for individuals who also hold a CPA designation. A PFS combines the tax-knowledge of a CPA with additional knowledge in all aspects of wealth management. 

What are your fees?

For financial planning, we change $300 per hour and estimate anywhere from 4-8 hours to complete your plan. For investment advisory, we charge a fee of 1% of your Assets Under Management (AUM) up to the first $2,000,000, and that rate decreases as AUM increases. Please see our Form ADV for further information on our fee schedule.

Why a diversified portfolio?

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket - diversification allows us to ensure that we are evenly invested in the market and not focusing too heavily on one sector or type of investment. This leads to long term growth and stable returns, which is essential when planning for retirement and other major life events. 

Who are your partners
  • Dimensional
    • We are proud to offer institutional investment strategies through Dimensional. Their goal is to add incremental value compared to benchmarks and peers through a robust process that focuses on keeping your costs low and reducing your tax exposure.
  • Morningstar
    • We use Morningstar Office to provide you best-in-class performance reporting. Their cloud-based platform provides you access to our secure Client Portal to view your accounts, performance and analytics in "plain-language" reports.
  • Charles Schwab
    • We use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as the primary custodian for your accounts. They provide innovative technology for custody & trading and are dedicated to protecting your accounts with SchwabSafe.
  • Riskalyze
    • We use Riskalyze to help us better understand your risk profile. As your financial advisor, we believe setting clear expectations in understanding your risk is one of the most important things we do.
Where are your clients located?

As a Northern Virginia based company, we primarily serve the DC Metro area but have clients across the country from Florida to California. At this time, we only work with clients in the United States.

Do you require a minimum investment?

For financial planning engagements, we do not have any minimum asset requirement. For Investment Management engagements, we primarily work with clients with assets of at least $250,000.